Since the Canterbury Earthquakes of 2010/11, the New Zealand insurance property market has witnessed significant change.

Morgans Property Advisors can provide residential, commercial and rural insurance valuations to ensure that your most valuable assets are adequately protected.

Residential Insurance

Residential property owners are now required in most cases to provide a Nominated Sum Insured. This places the responsibility on individual owners to establish the appropriate level of insurance for their asset.

Items that will require replacement cost and indemnity values include:

  • Dwelling

  • Associated buildings

  • Retaining walls and fences

  • Swimming pools

  • Tennis courts

  • Landscaping

The Nominated Sum Insured will include an allowance for demolition, professional fees, building consent, compliance and inflation.


For all commercial and rural property assets, Morgans Property Advisors can also provide you with a Valuation Certificate which details the following:

  • ­Full replacement cost of structures

  • Functional replacement costs (optional)

  • Inflationary provision

  • Demolition

  • Indemnity value

The majority of our commercial clients request annual or bi-annual Valuation Certificates to assure them that their commercial property assets are fully insured. There is also a requirement to provide Indemnity Values to help ascertain Fire Service Levies.

Most commercial property lease agreements also require a Valuation Certificate be produced by a registered valuer.

As qualified valuers with up to date costings and market evidence, Morgans Property Advisors are able to assist you with an independent, impartial report that will meet your insurer’s requirements or the requirements of the relevant lease documentation applicable to your property.