If you are looking to get finance, buy or sell a home, purchase a lifestyle block or investment property, renovate, expand or subdivide; Morgans Property Advisors can accurately assess what your property is worth.

As well as doing registered valuations, we can also advise on a range of residential and lifestyle property decisions such as how to market your home, setting rental returns and estate planning.

Let us help you make better informed property decisions.

Our residential and lifestyle property valuation services include:

  • Finance valuations – your bank may request this when you apply for a mortgage

  • Pre purchase or pre sale valuations – ensure you buy or sell your house for what it is worth

  • House developments off plans – assess what your new house will be worth once it is built

  • Refurbishment of existing dwelling – understand how the cost of your renovations will affect the value of your house

  • Subdivision – find out how subdividing will effect the value of your property

  • Marketing advice – determine the best strategy to market your property

  • Insurance – check if your property is insured for the right value

  • Pre fire indemnity – value a damaged asset as it was before the loss

  • Matrimonial – providing fair market values for respective parties

  • Estate planning – get an independent valuation of all estate assets

  • Compensation – ensure you get adequate compensation for any loss of value to your property

  • Rental – manage your investment property to achieve maximum returns

  • Depreciation/tax allocation – apportion value between various assets within a property that attract different tax rates

  • Unit entitlements – get an independent valuation of unit entitlements, including for common property

  • Chattels – assess the value of your property’s chattels

Choose Morgans Property Advisors for accurate and independent property valuations and consultancy advice.