Whether you are looking to buy, sell, finance, convert, expand, subdivide, rezone, insure or lease rural property, Morgans Property Advisors can help you make better informed property decisions.
As well as doing registered valuations, we also advise on a range of rural property decisions such as compensation, rental returns, partnership dissolution and estate planning.

Our rural property valuation and consultancy services include:

  • Finance valuations

  • Pre purchase or pre sale valuations

  • Asset valuations

  • Estate planning

  • Partnership dissolution

  • Fractional interests

  • Matrimonial

  • Maori land valuations

  • Lease and rentals

  • Land aggregation

  • Re-zoning

  • Subdivision

  • Compensation

  • Pre fire indemnity

  • Land use changes eg converting to dairy

  • Forestry

Choose Morgans Property Advisors for accurate and independent property valuations and consultancy advice.